12 rallies will happen across the province tomorrow (Nov 5th), including one in Red Deer to voice concerns about the pending carbon tax, Bill 20.

The Alberta Wide Rally Movement is calling for a referendum on the tax, and organizers are hoping to collect between 5 hundred thousand and 1 million signatures on a petition to press the issue.

Todd Beasley is the Managing Director of the Movement, he explains some of their top concerns with the tax "seriously erode the competitiveness of our great land, we believe that it is not necessary, if we look at the science, Canada is in fact a natural carbon sink and our footprint in the world is negative not positive.  We believe that this new tax being implemented in Alberta in particular when we are in such a severe economic straights with the downturn in the oil industry is not only fundamentally irresponsible, but it's just plain cruel".

The Carbon Tax will impose a $20 per tonne carbon levy in 2017 to reduce greenhouse gases.

Beasley says, no one is immune, the tax will impact us all "whether you think it will or it won't it's going to tax a minimum of 13-16 different forms of energy so it will effect the workplace, the competitiveness of our people, it will effect our homes, our charities, our education system, it will effect everybody".

Tomorrow's rally in Red Deer is set for 11 am at City Hall, petition forms can also be found at carbontaxreferendum.ca