Red Deer Public’s Learning Services Team is working to ensure elementary school teachers are well prepared and are confident to teach the new curricula this fall.

For a second school year in a row, our Kindergarten to Grade 3 teachers will start their school year delivering a new provincial curriculum. Science teachers and French Immersion Language Arts and Literature teachers in Kindergarten to Grade 3 will begin teaching a new curriculum this fall. As well, Math and English Languages Arts and Literature teachers in Grades 4-6 will implement new curriculums in September.

The Provincial Government postponed the implementation of the new Fine Arts curriculum for Kindergarten to Grade 3, and the Science curriculum for Grades 4-6. 

The Learning Services team has trained approximately 491 teachers, in multiple subject areas, over two years in Red Deer Public Schools.

“Our Learning Services team has hosted all of our elementary teachers at our Central Services location for multiple training sessions. This has meant that every elementary teacher has had three full days with us immersed in the new curricula with some returning for planning and creating resources,” said Della Ruston, Associate Superintendent of Learning Services. “These sessions have been invaluable because it has allowed our Learning Services team to collaborate with teachers as we all work our way through the new curricula and learning outcomes.”

The province has supported this professional learning by providing $198,000 for the 2022/2023 school year and $191,000 for next year to Red Deer Public. Another $254,340 was provided in 2022/2023 and $259,155 for next year to purchase learning resources for the new curricula.

“We are really fortunate as a Division to have a strong Learning Services team who has the ability to guide our elementary school teachers through these new curriculums,” said Ruston. “In addition, the support of our Board and administration has allowed us to ensure we can best support our teachers in the classroom.”

First Nations, Metis and Inuit Learning Services Coordinator Hayley Christen and Lead Teacher Terry Lakey have worked alongside all of the Learning Services coordinators to ensure authentic Indigenous teachings that align with and are infused throughout the new curricula.

“We are confident that our teachers have the knowledge, understanding, and best resources for teaching and supporting the implementation of new curricula to our students heading into the fall,” said Ruston.