Red Deer Public Schools is ready to welcome 11,000 students back to the classroom on Thursday, August 31! Staff have been busy preparing their classrooms and schools since Friday, August 25. 

“We want to ensure all students in Red Deer Public have a great school year, and are able to achieve their very best,” said Chad Erickson, Superintendent. “Our number one priority is to ensure there is excellence in teaching and learning in every classroom, while allowing students to explore their passions. Red Deer Public Schools provides opportunities for all students, and we will continue focusing on that and improving where we can by working together. This year, I look forward to continuing to connect with our staff, students, parents and community.”

That connection began on Monday, August 28, when all 1,200 Red Deer Public Schools staff took part in the Division’s Kick Off event, held at Lindsay Thurber Comprehensive High School. It was a morning of inspiration and motivation as staff heard addresses from Superintendent Chad Erickson, Board Chair Nicole Buchanan and Red Deer ATA Local 60 President Evelyn Chan.

Looking ahead to the 2023-2024 school year, Science teachers and French Immersion Language Arts and Literature teachers in Kindergarten to Grade 3 will begin teaching a new curriculum, while Math and English Language Arts and Literature teachers in Grades 4-6 will also implement new curriculums. Since last January, the Division’s Learning Services Coordinators, along with K-3 teachers have been actively reviewing the new curriculum so they are prepared for a successful implementation to continue to ensure there is excellence in teaching and learning in every classroom.

“When Kindergarten to Grade 3 students arrive in our classrooms for their first day of school, they will be learning a new curriculum with excellent, engaging lessons as they always have in Red Deer Public,” said Erickson.

Meanwhile, Buchanan added the Board of Trustees is looking forward to a full year ahead with the Division’s priorities at the forefront.

“As we start the year, our Division and our priorities, which include Literacy and Numeracy, Equity, and Student Success and Completion, continue to be at the foundation of what we do and these have resulted in significant success,” she said. “These priorities drive our day to day work and ensure that all students have the opportunity to reach their full potential.”

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