Red Deer RCMP would like to warn the public after a recent string of break and enters that have been occurring in our community. Suspects are breaking into vehicles and are then using the owners garage door opener to gain access to garages and residences. 

Red Deer RCMP would like to share some crime prevention tips that could help deter thieves from breaking into your home, vehicle or business:

  • Always lock the main door between your garage and residence 
  • When you are not inside your garage, make sure you close the overhead door 
  • Keep your vehicles locked
  • Keep valuables (purses, car keys, wallets) away from the front door
  • Do not leave your spare keys in an obvious spot
  • Lock all windows and doors 
  • Record serial numbers of electronic items and photograph all valuables
  • Trim the shrubbery in front of your residence
  • Get to know your neighbours

You can also help protect your property, your family and your community by registering your security cameras with the Red Deer Capture Program. The program is a voluntary camera registry that is only accessible by police. It records the locations of security cameras within the city of Red Deer. By registering your camera, you are taking an active role in deterring crime. 

Please go to to create an account and add your security camera details.

If your property has been stolen or if any of your buildings have been broken into, please contact your nearest RCMP detachment immediately.