The Sylvan Lake Municipal Library received a food donation for the Little Free Pantry from the Red Deer’s Mustard Seed.  

Corrie Brown, Sylvan Lake Municipal Library's Head Programmer explained that the pantry is a no-questions-asked resource for residents to use when they need it.  

“It is completely donation driven. It's not something that we have a lot of money in our budget for,” Brown said.   

The Mustard Seed donates food to the pantry, bringing in bread and other baked goods regularly.  

Recently, the Mustard Seed donated bread, buns, and cakes. 

“It's an amazing collaboration,” Brown said. “They've just been really, really great about supporting the Little Free Pantry.”  

There has always been a high demand for the pantry, but within the last year, demand has steadily increased.  

The pantry started as a passion project for library staff members, as they felt it was important the library worked to help meet community needs.   

“It was something that we started with just a couple of shelves in the library, and it really grew from there. As a library, we try to be very community-minded and respond to the needs of our community,” Brown said. “It's really grown with that need and based on the needs of our community and the ability of our staff to help meet those needs.” 

For more information on the pantry, click here.   



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