The Town of Sylvan Lake is adding new welcome signage at five locations around town this year with installation already started.

Signs included in the first phase of installation are:

  • Highway 11A Roundabout at Highway 20
  • Highway 11 Westbound
  • Township Road 390

The next phase will take place later this year and include:

  • Highway 11 Eastbound
  • 50 Street near Highway 11

Residents and motorists should use caution in areas where crews are working. Upon completion, three locations will have fully powered light-up signs. Two additional signs are treated with reflective material to ensure visibility at night.

Additional Information

New welcome signage is a goal of several municipal guiding documents for the Town of Sylvan Lake, including the Transportation Master Plan. It identifies the creation of more distinct and memorable gateways at points of entry around Town. The Town’s Wayfinding Strategy and Visitor Friendliness Assessment also recommend the upgrades.

In 2021, the Town began working on a plan to bring new welcome signage as part of capital project planning. The new signs intend to make a positive visual impact that enhances our brand and contributes to community pride.

**with information provided by The Town of Sylvan Lake