Ever wondered what the giant, marshmallow-looking building on the East side of Gasoline Alley is?  

Two words: The Dome.  

The 107,000 square foot venue is home to full indoor soccer field, major league baseball infield, softball field, batting cages, a multi-purpose field & Kid Zone, high-performance gym, as well as numerous spaces for meetings and parties.  

It’s also home to Central Alberta’s newest youth summer camp.  

The Dome Summer Camp boasts weeklong sessions that combine multi-sport development with arts, crafts and fun activities such as bouncy castles for kids aged 5-13.  

So what makes The Dome Summer Camps so unique?  

“Kids are not just coming hear learning sports, they’re learning about The Dome and our 5 pillars” said Ruben Dorsey, Program Director at the Dome. “When they leave this place, they’re really excited. They’re telling their parents ‘Hey, our pillar today was character and lifestyle – we learned how to put away things when we’re playing with things, we learned how to play fair with each other’ 

With full day options and half day options; as well as early drop off and late pick-up options for working parents – there really is something for everyone.  

“Some people work 9-5, some people work 8-4,” Dorsey said.  “So now we’ve opened up our times so now you can drop off your kiddo at 8, pick up your kiddo at 4. If you need to pick up your kiddo at 5, we can also accommodate that as well 

Spots are still available for this summer’s final two weeks of camp and by using the code SUNNY – you are also entered to win a weeklong half day camp for free!  

Visit www.thedomereddeer.com to register or call Jill at 403.986.0417. 

**This is a sponsored story