The Hultink Family is hosting their Second Annual Ty’s Giving Back. Last year, the fundraiser was held to memorialize their son, Tyler Hultink, and his giving spirit.  

The deadline for donating is tomorrow (Tuesday, February 6th).

“We are asking people to donate Lego, gift cards, and money is welcome too, of course, to the child life program at the Stollery Hospital which provides kids with gifts and just different things like that while they're going through treatment. It's actually for their siblings as well sometimes just to kind of give them something in their darkest times,” explained Deb Hultink, Tyler’s mother.  

Tyler Hultink was only 13 years old when he was diagnosed with a brain tumour that claimed his life after 18 months of battling cancer.  

Last year, was his family’s first time delivering the community’s gifts to the Stollery Hospital and they received a great response.  

“It was really neat to see people come together and whether it was a little dinky car or a $200 Lego set or whatever it was all super appreciated. We heard some responses from some of the little kids who wrote letters, which was really neat to see. It definitely matters and makes a difference,” said Hultink.  

Tyler Hultink received a Lego Lamborghini set from the same program when he was in treatment.  

“This Lego Lamborghini that he had always dreamed of having was a super expensive Lego set. His Child Life Specialist had received it as a donation...Tyler ended up getting gifted this Lego Lamborghini and then other times when Tyler had treatment, we would get gift cards for Chapters or different food places. [It was] just to kind of give them a treat after having some of his chemo treatments and radiation,” explained Hultink.  

Hultink said it was important to have something to look forward to during those challenging times.  

Toy or monetary donations can be dropped off at the Lacombe YU-Turn Youth Centre located on 5025 50 Street in Lacombe from 9AM-3PM Monday through to Thursday. The YU-Turn is also open until 8:30PM on Wednesdays. A collection bin will also be available at 46 Pickwick Lane. All of the gifts should be in by February 6th so the family can deliver them to the Stollery Hospital on Tyler's Birthday on February 7th.