United Way Central Alberta (UWCA) has announced the completion of a new Community Impact Strategy. After several months of community conversations and deliberations involving the volunteer-led Community Impact Council and UWCA staff, it was decided how United Way Central Alberta could best position itself to improve lives in this region.

Central Alberta’s population has grown in size since 2017 and the pandemic adversely affected many Central Alberta communities. UWCA believed it was time to learn from the community to determine how UWCA might better help improve lives locally.

“The guiding force in updating the Community Impact Strategy is the goal of working towards equity,” said Chelsea O’Donoghue, UWCA Chief Executive Officer. “We are seizing the opportunity to be a better collaborator to help create communities where everyone can thrive and at the same time recognize that everyone needs different things in order to reach their potential.”

With changes to the Income Tax Act, UWCA can now fund more agencies. In the past, smaller nonprofit agencies without registered charity status couldn’t receive UWCA funding. Now, new legislation allows UWCA to fund many more groups supporting individuals in communities across the region.

Granting streams will begin opening March 13, 2023.