A new initiative from Sylvan Lake Council will see Lakers recognized for their efforts to make their community stronger.

The Citizen of the Year awards acknowledges the importance of recognizing significant accomplishments which enhance community spirit and positively impact the Town of Sylvan Lake.

“The Citizen of the Year awards are given to individuals who make significant contributions to our community and demonstrate a commitment to improving the lives of those around them,” says Mayor Megan Hanson.

“It is an opportunity for Council to shine a spotlight on residents who have selflessly given their time, resources, and energy to make Sylvan Lake a better place.”

Residents can nominate Lakers in up to seven individual categories, including:

  • Citizenship
  • Music, Art, Culture, and Heritage
  • Environmental Stewardship
  • Sports Excellence
  • Youth Award of Excellence
  • Long Time Service Volunteer
  • Mayor’s Distinguished Award

“In addition to recognizing the award recipient, the Citizen of the Year awards serve as an inspiration to others,” adds Mayor Hanson. “We hope to encourage more people to get involved in community activities and take an active role in shaping the future of our town.”

Mayor Hanson notes the importance of making Sylvan Lake a better place for everyone.

“Whether it is through volunteering, donating to local causes, or simply being a good neighbour, every one of us can make a positive impact on those around us.”


  • Residents can submit nominations online starting May 1
  • The nomination window closes May 31
  • The awards will be handed out in June
  • Award winners will be displayed on a recognition wall at the NexSource Centre