A few roads in Blackfalds were shut down this morning, so that a historical home could be moved from it's resting spot to it's new home.

The 100 year old Wadey House was moved by truck across town to All-Star Park where it will now serve as a visitor information centre, and office for the Blackfalds Historical Society and Chamber of Commerce.

Judy Carleton President of the Historical Society says an information centre for visitors is badly needed.

"I've spoken to people who want to come see the Abbey Centre because they want to see the Veterans Memorial that we built there, and when they come to town they can't find it. I think it's time Blackfalds had a bit of a visitors info centre to direct people to find things. Blackfalds is growing at it needs that kind of thing."

Carleton says the next steps will be placing the home on the basement and then renovating the inside.

"Some brats from Blackfalds vandalized the house quite badly. It's structurally sound, but they broke all the windows, kicked in most of the walls, and kicked down the bannister. But the house will be restored and then Blackfalds Historical Society's office will be upstairs, along with the Chamber of Commerce."

Carleton says they'll also have an exhibit with historical artifacts donated by and dedicated to the Wadey Family.

The house will be officially opened on Canada Day next year.