One of Lacombe’s oldest businesses is celebrating a milestone this month.

Weidner Chevrolet is marking 60 years of service in our City.

Owner Dave Weidner says since 1956 he’s seen his business and the City grow, but the City isn’t the only thing that’s changed, as Weidner says cars are comepletely different from what they used to be “probably the best change was the advent of fuel injection for starting and running and not using manual choke and getting rid of carboration.  The computer technology has now taken over from the late ’90’s and I happen to kind of like some of the old cars so I have to pass on some of the new things to the new guys”.

In terms of keys to success and advice for other business owners, Weidner says make your decisions at work, make them count, and don’t take them home with you at the end of the night.

Weidner Chevrolet was first started in 1956 by Lou and Anna Weidner right in downtown Lacombe, and today their son Dave, and Grandson Blayne run the operation.

Blayne says he’s had a lot of wisdom passed on to him throughout the years from his grandfather, dad, and uncle, but there’s one business lesson that’s always stayed with him “the business is easy if you look after your customers and you look after your staff, we have great staff here and they basically make the dealership run and the business part comes easy when you have that combination”.

Weidner Chevrolet is celebrating with free beef on a bun today (Oct 21) between 11 and 2 with Sunny 94 live on location.