Starting on Monday, November 15th, Albertans will also require a QR code that digitally signifies a person’s vaccination status. Here’s some information you may want to know about the QR codes.


What is a QR code and how does it work?

By definition ‘QR’ means ‘quick response’ and it is a type of barcode that allows for quick information transfer to a device.

A business with REP in place will be able to scan the code to determine your vaccination status quickly with the AB Covid Records Verifier app. The code will not divulge any information other than a green check mark to verify proof of vaccination, the person’s legal name, and date of birth. The app will not store any other information.

Alternatively, you can also scan QR codes with your smart devices at restaurants or at businesses to receive menus and information. Some devices scan QR codes by simply opening your phone’s camera app and pointing the lens at the code. Older phones and devices may require an app designed to scan the code.


How do I get my QR code?

You can get your QR code online or on your device by filling out the online form here.

You can also get your QR code by visiting your local registries where they can print it off for you.

The only things you will need to complete the form is your name, date of birth, Alberta Health Care Number, and the month you received one of your vaccines (either one works).