With the recent snowfall, it may not seem like it but in Alberta March 1st marks the beginning of wildfire season. Spring in Alberta can bring some dry conditions  

But now is the time to consider the ways you can prevent wildfires. Nearly all spring wildfires in Alberta are human-caused and therefore, they are preventable.  

During 2022, Alberta reported 1,246 wildfires that burned 130,858 hectares. 

Here are some tips on preventing wild fires: 

  • Ensure to fully extinguish campfires  
  • Frequently check off-highway vehicles for smoldering debris 
  • Conduct agriculture burning projects safely 

The County of Lacombe is also reminding local residents that fire permits are available starting March 1st. Fire permits are free and can prevent large fines. You can purchase them online at the Lacombe County Website or throughout the MyLacombeCounty app (for IPhone only).  

“Fire permits are free, easy to obtain, and are emailed to you directly, so you always have it with you,” said Lacombe County Fire Chief Drayton Bussiere. “Permits are there to ensure the safety of Lacombe County residents and their neighbours and come with a detailed list of the requirements to ensure burns can be completed safely. While most controlled burns in the County are permitted, we continue to have situations where people don’t take out a permit and can be charged under the bylaw.” 

He also reminds people to check on their controlled burns to ensure they don’t reignite during the warmer weather.  

Should a Fire Department respond to a fire for which a permit has not been issued, or if a permit has been issued and the permit holder contravenes any of the conditions of the permit, the property owner will be assessed costs at the following rates:  

  • fire truck - $500 per hour  
  • water truck - $300 per hour  
  • rapid response unit/mini pumper - $300 per hour  
  • rescue truck - $300 per hour  
  • equipment other than fire apparatus – Lacombe County cost  
  • personnel other than fire department members - Lacombe County cost