Red Deer Public Schools (RDPS) students got to flex their creativity during the Young Writers’ and Creators’ Conference.  

On April 26, about 250 Grade 4, 5, and 6 students from across the division attended the conference with authors, writers, artists, and creators at Oriole Park Elementary School.  

“This year's line-up of presenters came from a variety of backgrounds, experiences, and expertise,” the Oriole Park Elementary School website said. “It’s events like this that can influence and inspire our students to achieve great things in areas they never knew existed or with skills they recently discovered.”   

There were 17 sessions students could take part in, including how to write a fantasy story, digital comics, exploring creativity through mind mapping, and writing song parodies.   

“Under the direction of these very experienced poets, authors, and writers, the students got to explore and bring to life the writing and creating process,” Lori Irvine, Principal at Oriole Park Elementary School said.   

The conference gave students a chance to immerse themselves in a variety of different types of literacy based on their interests.  

“Literacy is a priority for Red Deer Public Schools, so this certainly aligns with our school and division goals to encourage literacy in students,” Irvine said. “Our students saw the beauty and joy that is embedded in literacy and how words bring ideas to life.”