It’s likely that we will see some remarkable temperatures in central Alberta today (December 5, 2023). Some areas may even see some record-breaking warmth according to the historical records kept by Environment Canada.  


In Lacombe, a high of 9°C is anticipated. The City last saw record-breaking warmth in 1999 at 6.8°C.  

Red Deer  

Red Deer’s last record-breaking highest temperatures was recorded all the way back in 1939 with a record high of 16.7°C. However, today’s forecasted high for Red Deer is only expected to be 9°C. 


Stettler will also see a high of 9°C today and it is likely the Town will be breaking records today. The last record high temperature was recorded in 2008 at 5.3°C.  

Rocky Mountain House  

Rocky Mountain House will see temperatures go as high as 11°C today. Their last record high temperature was recorded in 2008 at 6.9°C.  


Sundre could also see record breaking temperatures. They are looking at a high of 14°C today and their last record high temperature was recorded in 1999 at 6.7°C.  


Snow is on the way 

However, if you’re dreaming of a white Christmas you’re still in luck! Environment Canada is anticipating snow fall for the central Alberta area this Wednesday and Thursday.  

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