If you have little ones who are writing a letter to Santa Claus through Canada Post, you’ll want to mail those out by Thursday, December 7th to ensure you get a response before Christmas.  

His address is:  

Santa Claus 

North Pole 

H0H 0H0 


If you aren’t able to get your letter in on time, don’t worry! Santa responds to all letters sent to him before the end of January. His response may just come after Christmas if not mailed in by December 7th. 

Be sure to include a return address in your letter so Santa Claus is able to mail his response back to you. He asks that the letters from all family members are included in one envelope. You also don’t need to have a stamp on your letter if you are sending it from Canada.  

According to Canada post, if you’re planning on mailing out holiday cards you’ll want to get those in the mail by following dates:  

  • Local- December 19 
  • Regional- December 18  
  • National- December 15 

If you’re planning on mailing out some packages, you can ensure your parcel arrives on time with Canada Post by clicking here.