Lacombe County is doing a two-day voluntary farm vehicle safety check event, taking place at the Rainy Creek (April 3) and Tees (April 4) satellite public works shops. This initiative is part of ongoing efforts to enhance the safety and awareness within the agricultural industry, while also promoting ‘Vision Zero’—a key component of the Lacombe County Traffic Safety Plan.

‘Vision Zero’ embodies the belief that no loss of life on Alberta’s roads should be considered acceptable. By conducting Farm Vehicle Safety checks, the county is taking a significant step towards ensuring our community remains safe and fostering a positive relationship with local producers.

“Our local agricultural producers play a crucial role in our community, and it's imperative that they can conduct their operations without the fear of being stranded or, worse, involved in an accident due to equipment failure,” said Ray Kawai, Lacombe County Community Peace Officer. “These checks are about education and collective effort to enhance road safety for everyone.”

In Alberta, farm vehicles are held to the same equipment regulations as commercial vehicles. Lacombe County’s initiative aims to collaborate with the farming community to not only ensure compliance but also promote a positive image of the agricultural sector.

At the event, Commercial Vehicle Inspectors will be available to conduct thorough safety inspections in line with the Commercial Vehicle Safety Alliance standards. Any safety violations identified will be detailed in a personalized vehicle inspection report, with guidance provided on necessary repairs.

Note: Inspection results are indicated on Carrier Profiles of those operating under the authority of a Safety Fitness Certificate; please get in touch with CPO Services if you have any questions.

For those with questions about ELDs, load securement, or other transportation-related issues, our local Peace Officers will be on-site and eager to assist.

Event Details:

  • Dates & Locations:
    • April 3: Rainy Creek Shop, located on Rainy Creek Road near RR 3-0, from 9:00 am to 3:00 pm.
    • April 4: Tees Shop, located at the intersection of Hwy 12 and Hwy 821, Tees, from 9:00 am to 3:00 pm
  • Additional Information:
    • Refreshments and lunch will be provided.
    • We welcome you to drop in anytime between 9:00 AM and 3:00 PM. However, booking in advance is recommended  to ensure priority; drop-ins will be accommodated as possible.
    • For those bringing multiple vehicles, please stagger your arrivals by approximately 20 minutes to facilitate a smooth process.