Lacombe County Council discussed the Town of Bentley notice of land annexation, a police governance survey, and the Richards Oil and Gas outstanding property tax payment plan request during the March 14 regular meeting. 


Here are the highlights of the meeting: 


Police Governance Survey

The proposed response to the Provincial Policy Advisory Questionnaire was endorsed by Council and will be submitted on behalf of Lacombe County. 


ALUS Lacombe Public Advisory Committee Appointment

The request from Alternative Land Use Services (ALUS) Lacombe to appoint an Agricultural Service Board Member to the ALUS Lacombe Public Advisor Committee was received for information. 


Richards Oil and Gas Outstanding Property Tax Payment Plan Request

A request by Richards Oil and Gas for the proposed cancellation of late payment penalties and levies of $42,494.54 in exchange for payment of their outstanding tax balance of $58,513 did not receive Council approval. 


Central Alberta Business Advantage Summit 2024

Council received information regarding the upcoming Central Alberta Business Advantage Summit 2024, which will be held April 22 to 26, 2024 in Olds. The purpose of the Summit is to invite small business owners, entrepreneurs, and investors from India into the Central Alberta community to encourage dialogue and foster a deeper understanding of markets, challenges, and opportunities in the area. Representatives of Council and staff will attend the event. 


Town of Bentley Notice of Annexation 

Subsequent to Council’s recent adoption of the Southeast Bentley Area Structure Plan, the Town of Bentley wishes to proceed with the annexation of the lands within the plan area. The February 27, 2024 Notice of Annexation from the Town of Bentley was received for information. 


Lacombe Fish and Game Association Awards and Gala

Representatives of Council will attend the upcoming Lacombe Fish and Game Association Awards and Gala event on April 13, 2024. 


Meeting with RCMP at RMA Spring Convention

Council will met with members of the RCMP on March 20, during the upcoming RMA Spring Convention, to discuss topics including restorative justice, crime reduction, community safety and wellbeing, copper theft, and organized crime in rural areas. 


RMA Spring Convention Resolutions 

Council reviewed the proposed RMA Spring Convention resolutions. The Convention will be held in Edmonton from March 18 to 20, 2024. 


Bylaw No. 1409/24  

Bylaw No. 1409/24, a bylaw of Lacombe County for the purpose of amending the Village of Alix/Lacombe County Intermunicipal Development Plan received first reading and approval to hold a public hearing. A public hearing for Bylaw No. 1409/24 will be held on April 11, 2024 commencing at 9:00 a.m. at Lacombe County Council Chambers. 


Industrial Subdivision- Dow Chemical Rail Yard Expansion 

By resolution of Council, the subdivision application for 9.03 acres of Pt. SW 39-25-W4M was approved subject to several conditions. 


David Thompson Snow Riders' Association 

Council received a presentation on the activities and initiatives of the David Thompson Snow Riders’ Association (DTSRA). 


Clive School Parent Council Association 

Council received a presentation from representatives of the Clive School Parent Council Association regarding the Clive School Playground project.