The 2024 Municipal Census begins April 1 and continues until June 30.

The Town of Penhold uses census data to plan for public services and infrastructure such as schools, roads, recreational facilities, fire and CPO services, and libraries.

Basing planning decisions on recently updated demographics results in more appropriate use of revenue and resources. Collecting up-to-date population data is an important and effective way to plan for the needs of a growing and diverse community.

Information collected in the Municipal Census is used by various facilities, organizations, and stakeholders to deliver a wide range of municipal services including schools, recreational centres, emergency services, and major infrastructure.

Letters have been mailed out to every household prior to April 1 with a unique Secured Access Code (SAC) for each household. You will need your unique SAC to complete the census. 

Click here to complete your census starting April 1

If you have any questions, please email the Census Coordinator at or call 403-886-4567.

The Census 2024 questions are:

  • Number of residents per household
  • Age of each person in the home
  • If 65+, interested in staying in Penhold as you age?
  • Services accessed 
  • If new to Penhold (less than 2 years) where did you live previous?
  • Do you have any dogs? Would you be interested in becoming part of a Dog Park Committee?
  • Preferred method of communication for Town of Penhold news?