After consultation with event organizers and town officials, The Town of Sylvan Lake has come to the difficult decision to cancel the Ice Dragon Boat races and Polar Dip event for next weekend, February 16-18.

The concern is the safety of event attendees, participants, and all users of the lake. The ice in the event area isn’t as thick as it needs to be to maintain the weight and traffic for everyone attending. After consulting safety experts and in alignment with our Outdoor Ice Inspection and Maintenance policy, The Town feels this is the right decision to ensure the safety of everyone.

While the weather could change in our favour over the coming week, a decision needed to be made to accommodate those making the long journey from across Canada and the Northern US to participate in the Ice Dragon Boat races; many of which were planning to depart for Sylvan Lake this weekend.

All activities included in the Ice Dragon Boat Festival have also been postponed. The activities, along with the Polar Dip, will tentatively join the Meltdown event on March 23. However, the Ice Dragon Boat Races will be cancelled for 2024 with plans to bring them back in 2025.