If you find doing your taxes to be a little bit stressful, the Lacombe and District Family and Community Support Services (FCSS) is offering help to low-income earners. 

“A single person has to earn less than $35,000 and a couple has to earn less than $45,000 to be able to get your taxes done,” said Wendy Griffin, Community Projects Coordinator with the Lacombe FCSS. 

Eligibility also changes based on how many dependents you have living with you. 

In order to complete your taxes, you will need to bring in a couple of documents. 

“They just need to bring in their basic T4’s, any sources of income that they’ve received, medical receipts and everything like that. It’s basic income so we can do students, we can do seniors, low-income, anyone that qualifies,” explained Griffin. 

The Lacombe FCSS is unable to help out with difficult tax situations which includes if you have rental properties, if it is for someone who has deceased, and if you have gone through bankruptcy.

Last year, the Lacombe FCSS was able to help with over 350 tax returns in the Lacombe County area. 

You can get help with your taxes until the end of April. For more information, you can call the Lacombe FCSS office at 403-782-6637.