After months of qualifying games, some trash talking, and a whole lot of pride on the line, there are two businesses still standing and ready to take the Sunny Cup 2024!!

The Sunny Cup Final, 2024, starts Saturday night at 6pm with Game 1 in Florida between the Vault in Rimbey Oilers and the Sportsmen's Den Panthers. 


Panthers team owner Dale is actually an Oilers fan and says it's going to be a win-win for him. If the Oilers win he'll be very happy and if the Panthers win, he'll be able to hoist the Sunny Cup. Dale thinks the both teams have a good chance of winning the Sunny Cup.

Oilers team manager Spencer is very excited to be in the Sunny Cup final this year. Last year, Spencer was team manager of the Devils and they lost in the first round. Spencer had no idea that he would be in the Sunny Cup final and is just glad to be there.


Both Dale and Spencer have agreed to a friendly wager of an exchange of gift cards for the winner.

Don't forget you can still enter to win "Pizza for a year" from Boston Pizza in Ponoka and Lacombe by entering at any of our Sunny Cup team headquarters or by clicking here.