In fall of 2022, the Alberta Government announced that Albertan drivers will no longer need an advanced road test to receive their Class 5 and Class 6 Drivers licences. But if you’re banking on the program change to exit the GDL program you may have to think twice! 

In order to qualify for their full Class 5 or Class 6 licence, drivers will need to complete a 24-month probationary period with no tickets, fines, or demerits. According to the Alberta Motor Association, only 500,000 of 700,000 drivers holding a GDL have no tickets or demerits.  

"This means that 200,000 GDL holders won’t be eligible to get their full Class 5 licence automatically, once the change takes effect," the AMA stated in a press release. 

If you’ve received tickets in the last 12 months of your GDL probationary period, you won’t be able to get your full Class 5 licence automatically.  

It may actually be faster and cheaper to exit the GDL program with a secondary driving test now than later.  

The Lacombe Registries Ltd. have recently posted to social media encouraging those who are needing a road test to do so soon. They are anticipating that with the roll out of the new program this spring, that road tests will not only be more thorough but more expensive.  

A date for the official changes has not been announced yet. 

Photo of social media post.