Students in Blackfalds and Bentley will be playing hooky for hockey on Tuesday, January 16th. The students will be attending an AJHL’s Blackfalds Bulldogs game. They will be seeing the Sherwood Park Crusaders out at the Eagle Builders Centre in Blackfalds. 

“The AJHL has started this initiative. They've done it for a couple of years where a select few teams get to host a Hockey Day game. It's a matinee game in the afternoon and a weekday for schools to basically come out and take in a hockey game local in the local community,” said Kael Clarke, Sales and Entertainment Executive for the Blackfalds Bulldogs.  

The Blackfalds Bulldogs will be hosting a matinee game and are inviting local students from St. Greggory the Great School, Iron Ridge Intermediate Campus, Iron Ridge Secondary Campus, and Bentley School.  

Clarke says many of the Bulldogs volunteer at the local schools. Several students are well acquainted with many of the players and look up to them.  

“What a lot of people don't get is junior hockey isn't just about players playing hockey, it's about getting themselves into the into the community. It's about growing up. It's about showing maturity and how to be leaders in the real world,” explained Clarke.  

The Bulldogs have yet to lose a game in 2024 but Clarke does not expect the matinee game to be an easy one. The Sherwood Park Crusaders sit in second place of the AJHL standings with 69 points and the Bulldogs sit in fourth place with 64 points.  

“A full Eagle Builder Center tomorrow with a lot of screaming children and students will definitely help the boys play to their top level. We're looking forward to it,” he added.  

The Bulldogs have had a successful regular season so far and Clarke is hoping to see the Bulldogs make it far into the playoffs.  

“It's been three years now since the Blackfalds Bulldogs have been a franchise in the community. Each year they just seem to get better and I think this year's Blackfalds Bulldogs have a solid chance of going very far and deep into the playoffs just the way they've built their team,” said Clarke.  

Following their game against Sherwood Park, the Bulldogs host the Olds Grizzlys on Saturday, January 20th at the Eagle Builders Centre.  To stay up to date on the Blackfalds Bulldogs, click here.